business development

When it comes to organic business development, a company's main challenge is to define reliable business plans and consistent resource allocation plans that are based on the true potential of incremental revenues and margins. Too often, business plans are overly optimistic because they tend to justify personal goals rather than company goals and roadmaps. We offer a "reality check" of the business development initiatives' potential and of their prioritization. We do this through a cross-check of market demand vs. the internal estimates and assumptions made by the sales, marketing and business development functions. Our support helps assess objectively if the business plan targets are bold but realistic and if there is a consistent resource allocation plan against those goals.

direct costs

We bring experience on production and supply chain optimization which allows to undertake concrete and lasting improvement initiatives. This includes inventory reduction initiatives, with positive effect on working capital. Our approach is not "traditional" cost cutting, it is based on activity value analysis (a.k.a. Value Stream Mapping) which helps define a transformation plan with initiatives leading to short and medium terms results. Our approach does not aim at headcount reduction because we believe that the human capital has an intrinsic value which needs to be leveraged through increase of competencies and productivity.

Headcount reduction should be a last resort lever and often hides management failure.


The implementation of strategic and structural change projects should be led by talented internal resources who can seize the opportunity of an accelerated career growth. We assist the internal resources through a program management support role which can help anticipate issues, identify solutions, communicate effectively, and persuade key resources that are instrumental for the success of the initiatives. The benefit for the company is that - because we can act with more degree of freedom compared to the internal resources - we can be more effective in capturing signals from / conveying key messages to the organization. This type of assistance requires sophisticated soft skills and due to its nature it requires deep mutual trust between the company and the consultant.