Tailored Business Consulting

a network of experts at your service

Our Credo

client-centricity: every assignment starts from the client issues and ends with client tailored solutions

integrity: we do not compromise; we only take on assignments that we can successfully deliver and that have the potential to generate utmost client satisfaction

unbiased judgement: our work is not aimed at obtaining a second assignment and therefore the recommended solution is not biased by vested interests

deep dive analyses: we do not analyse issues "top down" only, we want to understand deeply in order to make sure we reach the best conclusions

confidentiality: by no means we will disseminate your company's confidential information


  • Strong leaderships is the essential condition to ensure that people are focused on the company goals.
  • The main challenge for top management is to capture signals from within the organization and interpret business dynamics in order to lead people's actions towards the company goals.
  • The support of an external advisor who is able to understand management challenges and complexity can help strengthen leadership and goal achievement.
  • A business consultant is like a doctor: you do not choose a doctor by the brand but for her/his experience on which you build the trust that she/he can solve your specific problem. A doctor does not share information about her/his patients, but on the basis of the work with other patients she/he is able to provide recommendations. "Intuitu personae" is what differentiates us from traditional management consulting firms that build their offer on brand, standard solutions and fungible resources.

How We Work

  • We are expert business partners: we perform our work through senior people who deal with the assignment "end to end": from defining the work hypotheses through interviews and analyses, solution finding and reporting recommendations.
  • We leverage the global network of experts by sector and topic: for every assignment we look for and reach out to the experts who can provide added value information or can help us solve a specific problem. We can do it because we are not constrained by the need to saturate internal resources.
  • Our output is for the client, not for the consultant: our output is not made of long powerpoint presentations but short word documents (2-3 pages) which clearly and concisely present the issue and the proposed solution, with a back-up of Q&As and detailed analyses. This format ensures a very effective communication beause the client is not walked through long story lines made of sensational titles, she/he is rather put in the position to reflect on articulated considerations and to dedicate more time to questions and discussion.
  • We go deep: we are not afraid of details, we are willing to deal with any level of the organization as needed in order to capture information which can make a difference.