"The Italian manufacturing enterprises and the ones of the Euzo zone must leverage the opportunity of the weak euro, low oil price, low interest rates in order to relaunch their export. This is particularly true for advanced manufacturing sectors. For companies from these sectors the main challenge will be to balance growth and profit margins vs. investments in innovation and productivity gain."

"In the past ten years the Italian manufacturing companies have invested less than their German competitors in process and system improvements. The result is that the Italian companies have shifted upwards on the global value chains, i.e. towards less added value positions. The Italian companies in manufacturing sectors have now the opportunity to recover a more competitive position by leveraging the Industry 4.0 advanced production and supply chain technologies"

"Online retail is expanding beyond pure consumer markets towards typical B2B sectors. First examples are car parts and office supplies. This new trend has a disruptive potential, especially in those sectors that have benefitted for long time from the ability to pass inefficiencies on to end customers through  selling prices."

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