Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions you might be thinking of

  • Is deMonte&Network an individual undertaking or a people's firm? It is a firm built around the idea of a single individual who leverages a global network of professionals and experts in order to perform the assignements.
  • Why should a company entrust deMonte&Network rather than a traditional, branded consulting firm ? If management wants an added value, tailored service of a senior expert then deMonte&Network might represent the best solution. If instead the requirement is for a standard service which requires a typical pyramidal consulting team made of fungible resources, then deMonte&Network is not the best solution.
  • Is how deMonte&Network operates so fundamentally different from other traditional management consulting firms? Yes it is, because deMonte&Network's business model is based on leveraging "real" experts according to the specific assignment requirements. Traditional consulting firms cannot do this, because they are bound by the need to allocate their own available resources.
  • Which added value can deMonte&Network bring to me? The capability to act on behalf of the client without the bias of vested interests (e.g., the need to obtain an extension of the assignment), which often influences the recommendations of traditional consulting firms. The absence of such bias guarantees alignment to the client objectives throughout the assignment's delivery.

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