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Alberto de Monte has nearly 20 years of work experience, of which 14 in management consulting at the service of multinational companies (5 of the top 20 Fortune Global Companies), large enterprises and SMEs. For SMEs Alberto worked both for the enterpreneur / management and for corporate banks / investment funds. During his career Alberto has led nearly 100 projects in 7 European countries, in the US and Argentina; he has travelled to 20 countries in 4 continents for business trips and has worked with over 500 managers.

He also interviewed over 300 recruiting candidates, mainly from the top US and European MBA schools. His experience is rooted in industrial manufacturing and service sectors such as automotive, transportation, aerospace & defence, production equipment, oil & gas, and ICT. He focuses on business development, direct cost optimization, reorganization, implementation of strategic and structural change projects. Through his experiences Alberto has developed his own credo which is based on profound intellectual honesty and is well captured by the British philosopher Thomas Hobbes in his book Leviathan "Counselors to the sovereign must be worthy of their position; their knowledge, abilities, and experience must be adequate to the advice they give. Furthermore, the motivations and goals of a counselor must be the same as those of the sovereign or discord will ensue. The best kinds of governments are those administered by sovereigns privy to the advice of counselors".*


*Note: Thomas Hobbes - Leviathan, Book II, Chapter 25 "Of Counsell"

Project examples

All project examples are characterized by tangible results obtained through deep-dive analyses, tight cooperation with management, and implementation feasibility.


Business Development

Leading Japanese vehicle manufacturer: telematics service offer definition, business case, client "user cases" and focus groups in Russia, Germany and UK. The assignment required extensive interactions and alignment with several business functions in the European and Japanese HQ and within the National Sales Companies: product planning, marketing, product engineering, IT, financial services, sales. The result was the definition of an innovative offer with a robust business case supported by market analyses.


Direct costs

Stock exchange listed medium cap company, a leading automotive supplier to OEMs and the independent aftermarket: "end-to-end" supply chain analysis, from production through client delivery, which resulted in significant plant and aftermarket warehouse inventory reduction measures and service level improvement to clients (i.e., delivery time and reliability). This achievement was obtained through a proven methodology of inventory performance analysis and tight cooperation with the plant and supply chain management.



Leading development and maintenance provider of telco and other infrastructure network operators: program management support for the implementation of field personnel productivity gain initiatives. The program entailed change management, operational performance indicators and reporting systems, status progress reporting to top management and board of directors.


*Note: the project examples may refer to projects led by Alberto de Monte during his career at management consulting firms.